Process Protocol
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Process Protocol Map

The map below is the high Level Process Protocol Map developed by the University of Salford in conjunction with the industrial partners to the GDCPP and Process Protocol Level II Project. A Flash plug in is required to view the map, if the map below doesn't display properly, please download the Flash 5 viewer for IE or Netscape here. If you still have difficulties to view the map, please feel free to download the map in PDF format.

Process Protocol Level II maps
The Process Protocol level II map details the sub processes of the high level map. It can be downloaded in Visio format, which can be viewed by Microsoft Visio or Visio Viewer. The Visio viewer can be downloaded from Microsoft Web Site.

Maps (Verson 1.1) (All maps in one file, size 2.4MB)

Phase 0 Demostrating the Need

Phase 5 Full Conceptual Design

Phase 1 Conception of Need

Phase 6 Production Design, Procurement & Full Financial Authority

Phase 2 Outline Feasibiltiy

Phase 7 Production Information

Phase 3 Substantive Feasibility Study & Outline Financial Authority

Phase 8 Construction

Phase 4 Outline Conceputal Design

Phase 9 Operation & Maintenance

Standard Group